Allanwater Bridge Lodge, Canada fishing lodge

Barney Or Johnny Jelinski
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901 W Skyline Parkway
Duluth, MN 55806

Allanwater bridge lodge dock

Moose Hunts

Moose are plentiful in our neck of the woods. Each year AWB offers a limited amount of trophy moose hunts. Our hunt locations on the Albany and Misehakow rivers are legendary, and are considered one of Ontario’s best. Both areas have consistently turned in high success rates for trophy quality Moose including an amazing record book 62” Bull taken by bow.

Each location boasts nearly 10 miles of untouched pristine wilderness river Moose Habitat with the added bonus of fabulous fishing.

Features include:

  • Pole frame tent camp
  • Fully stocked cooking kits
  • Lanterns, cook stove , woodstove, firewood
  • Carpeted floor, cots and sleeping pads
  • Boats motors and fuel